Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sydney is 5 months!

Okay, so I am 6 days late updating this. But life has been busy! Sydney continues to amaze us every day! She has been doing okay in her crib, mom gives in at times and brings her back in our room in the early morning hours. She loves laying on her tummy and has been rolling onto it when we put her on the floor on her back. She also is really starting to love toys - her lantern that plays music, her jumparoo, a singing/dancing bear - and everything finds its way to her mouth! I wonder how long until she actually cuts a tooth...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sydney at 4.5 months

We can not believe that Sydney is already on her way to 5 months! The time has gone by so quickly!
A few 'randoms':
Sydney has great head/neck/back control. She is always looking around and following objects.
Sydney LOVES Brigsby. And we think he loves her. She pulls on his fur and grabs at him whenever he comes over near her. He will sit and let her do it without even flinching.
Sydney still fits in her 3 month clothing! (at 4 months she was 12lbs 4oz) Her onesies are just starting to fit without any extra fabric in the shoulders or bottom. Carter's brand are a great fit for her in clothing we have found. And the quality is great - I cant tell you how many times we put something on only to remove it within 5 minutes because we forgot a bib, or she spewed all over it - yet everything still looks almost new!
Sydney has really become aware in the last few weeks that her hands have a purpose. She loves grabbing onto things (and most times they end up in her mouth) - anything that makes noise when she grabs/scratches it, or has a different texture she becomes obsessed with.
On September 2, Sydney slept in her crib for the first time at night (well, to be honest she moved into our room at 3:30am because she did not feel it necessary to go back to sleep - but we made it half a night!). Tonight marks night #2 in her crib. Hoping to last all night, or at least a little longer than last night!
Sydney likes fighting sleep. I am not sure if she likes it, but she does it. My mom told me I did the same thing. Sorry mom, for fighting sleep as a baby. I completely understand now.
Sydney also falls asleep with her arm over her face. I could move her arm down but it will always end up on her face again. Another trick we learned - I started sleeping with a blanket - when she is really fussy we are able to put it on her and she will calm down. Works almost every single time. Now until she is big enough actually sleep with a blankie!
Sydney also has started screeching. It is especially awesome when she does it in your ear :) It is cute though and it sounds as if she is having a conversation with herself or with us or the toys around her!

We havent started any purees with Sydney yet. We chose to wait until she was 6 months to begin anything new. We are also strongly considering skipping cereal and moving to oatmeal and purees. I plan on making all of Sydney's food instead of buying jars. We have a fabulous food processor that we were gifted for our wedding (thanks Uncle Dennis!) so hopefully it is an easy process. Everything I have read and researched (because we know I research everything!!) has said this should be pretty simple! I think this will save us money and we should have no issues with running out. Hopefully this also exposes her to more real flavors and she doesnt become a picky eater in the future (disclaimer: I know that it will happen if its bound to happen - but I can dream right?!)

Cloth diapering is going fabulously! We still love our Flip diapers for day and we use an extra insert with them during the night. I would love to start adding some BumGenius 4.0's (BGs) to our stash for night  time use. BGs are a pocket diaper, which with the one we have, I have noticed it helps keep wetness off her bottom during the night for the long stretch where she isn't changed. We can also add additional inserts to these to adjust the absorbancy. The one we have now is aplix (velcro) however I do not love it - it does tend to get caught on everything in the wash despite using the laundry tabs. When we can add to our stash of them I will want to have them in snaps. They are also a diaper that will last Sydney until she is potty trained! And the laundry is easy so no problems there!

For now, I think that about sums it up? 

with love,
K, R, S & B

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

4.5 months!

I know I have not been the best about updating here. So, I will try harder.
It seems that there is something new with Sydney every day - and im truly blessed to be able to stay home with her to see everything happen! 
About 2 weeks ago, Sydney figured out her feet can reach her mouth - which doesnt surprise me, she sticks everything she can in her mouth! I think she is in the early early stages of teething - no signs of teething coming through yet but there are days when I think her gums are bothering her more than usual. Her " bite" is getting stronger as well. 
She LOVES her jumparoo - the monkey and hippo make her smile and she stares at them intently. Another love - Brigsby. She LOVES Brigsby. Loves him. Luckily, I think he loves her too. She pulls on his fur (and he just sits there like a good big brother) and loves petting him. We are lucky he is such a good dog and seems to really love her too. He will also lay down next her to on the floor while she has tummy time. It's very cute!
It is easy to tell when Sydney is tired - she will start aggressively rubbing her eyes with her fists. And she gets grumpy. Really grumpy! It is a good thing she loves cuddling to sleep - I try not to feel guilty just sitting there while she sleeps when she falls asleep in my arms - I know it wont last forever!
Sydney is also a huge drool monster! If she doesnt wear a bib - we have to change her outfit within an hour. I always try to keep a bib on her - lessens my laundry loads! She is a funny girl - when laying on the floor she will flip her bib onto her face with her hands, and have this HUGE smile on her face when you flip it back down. We played this "game" for about 20 minutes one day!!

Sydney also went to the MN State Fair for the first time - and she was perfect! She cried the last 10 minutes we were there and that was it! I couldnt believe it but it made for a very fun day! She loved the puppy show so much she passed out sitting up in my arms when it was over :)

And a few photos to end the post:
3.5 months
4 months
12lbs 4oz 24"

with love,
k, r, s & b

Monday, August 8, 2011

Daddy + Daughter

Ryan took me over to a conservation field just outside of town last night - I cant wait to use it with some of my clients! I took the opportunity to grab some shots of Ryan and Sydney - I must say I love how they came out!

with love,
kristen, ryan, sydney & brigsby

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

an update of sorts!

I know it has been awhile and some people rely on this for photos! So here we go. In honor of Sydney turning 3 months old, lets go back to the beginning.
our little newborn:

one month:

two months:

and three months old!

and a few more for good measure, because i simply can not get enough of her:
and our first time swimming:
we have been very busy - but i will try to keep this updated more often than i have been! 

with love,
kristen, ryan, sydney & brigsby

Thursday, July 7, 2011

fluffy butts and belly buttons

two really cute things. i wanted to document our journey into cloth diapering. this was a quick shot after i did photos for Sydney's baptism photos - she was at the end of her attention span so i want to try to get some more photos another day

i also think she has a really cute belly button

with love
kristen, ryan, sydney & brigsby